7 Juicing Tips for Beginners

by Sahirenys Pierce
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Juicing might sounds a little intimidating, but it’s been one of the best parts of my day. Knowing that I have something naturally sweet, healthy, and available is a true blessing during my busy days. If your debating to make the investment in your health then in this blog is for you. I went through a lot of ups and downs trying to find my routine, recipes, and ignore the critics. I hope this blog helps you kick off your juicing journey towards a healthier and happier you.

Know Why your Juicing

One of the main motivators that keeps me juicing is my kids. They’re still in that phase of only eating pancakes, chicken nuggets, and blueberries. To put it short they’re not eating how I wish they did. Juicing some of the fruits and vegetables they would never touch makes sense to me. 

I did my own research and found people who have thyroid problems, like myself, finding improvements with drinking natural juices. I was desperate to get on track with my thyroid, get my kids the nutrition they need, and help my husband get on his health kick. Juicing checked all of those boxes and seeing my kids and husband love my juices just made it extra sweet. 

Before getting a juicer and looking up recipes, really ask yourself why you want to juice. Then think of what outside of yourself will motivate you to continue. For me, it was my kids and my husband, they also benefit from the juices and look forward to them. Looking outside yourself for motivation is sometimes that extra push to keep you juicing and not following a trend.

Use the Juicer

One of the most difficult parts of juicing is actually using the juicer. Deep down I knew that this expensive juicer would be another unused appliance if I didn’t implement it into my life. I accepted that juicing was going to be new and I might have some days that it didn’t get used. But leaving the juicer in the cabinet for a month was out of the question. So I had to let go of the harsh expectations of juicing and find my own way.

How long do the juices last?

Now, when you google how long fresh cold press juice lasts you’ll get a mix of information. One, the juice can last 3-5 days, but you will lose 40% of the health benefits after 24 hours. This kind of bummed me at first. But I decided that this was just a factor that I had to consider when creating a routine that worked for me. 

Figure Out What Works for You

Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that if you help me do something, then I won’t do it because you’re doing it. On my off days, my husband would try to help me juice to keep a routine going and I had to break it down to him that I couldn’t get help. This was me getting tough on myself when trying to figure out a routine for myself and seeing what didn’t work. I eventually figured out that juicing every 3 days was best for me. This way the juices are as fresh as possible and I didn’t have to juice every day.

My Juicing Routine

On Sundays, I meal prep and I get exhausted after cooking for the next 3 days. So my juicing schedule starts on Mondays and I juice for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then on Wednesday I drink two juices and start juicing for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. If I choose to make a juice for the weekend it’s optional and not enforced. This way I know that I have fresh juices during the week as my baseline and fruiting juices for the weekends.

Sunday – Meal Prep

Monday – Juice Green Recipes

Tuesday – off

Wednesday – Juice Other Recipes

Thursday – off

Friday – Juice for Weekend

Saturday – off

Ignore the Non-Juicer Critics 

No matter how much you want to stick to the juicing every day or every other day, you have to do what works for you. I got criticized like crazy from non-juicers, saying that the juice lost all it’s health benefits after 12 hours. Blah Blah Blah, this is from people who don’t juice, don’t have little kids, and don’t run a business. Even if the juice losses some of its health benefits, we still see tones of people buy pre-made juice to get the benefits. I didn’t let this stear me off, I know that I at least consistently make fresh pressed juices and the non-juicers just experience it sometimes. Actually having fresh juices as part of my lifestyle makes my life so much better and happier.

Have your Go-To Juicing Recipes

I have to be honest, during this pandemic juicing has been my go-to for getting a boost in my health and mood. The best thing is having your go-to juices that you don’t even think about the recipes and just enjoy spending times with your kids. My go-to drinks are my green El Dinero juice and my Beet the Odds beet juice. Omg, the green juice is so easy and the ingredients are always on sale. That’s actually a big deal when shopping smart for groceries and staying consistent with your juicing. I also love the Beet juice because it’s a natural energy drink that helps me get an extra boost in the middle of the day.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, juicing has become part of my life and family. Like everything else in life, it’s hard to first start a routine, but once it sticks oh it sticks. Down below I’ll share my favorite juicing recipes and information on my slow fresh press juicer.

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