Child Tax Credit Pt. 2 – Rapid Fire Style

by Sahirenys Pierce

In today’s 2 Minute Q&A Tuesday, we’re doing a part 2 on the advance child tax credit. The last video got a lot of great questions that will benefit so many parents. A lot of updates on the IRS’ website including new portals and Q&A breakdowns. With the “Manage Payment” portal now being up and allowing us to update our banking information and switch to direct deposited payments. Soon we’ll also be able to update our address, dependents, marital status, and income. I know a lot of families have had a difficult time opting out, but hopefully, this is no longer an issue. In the future, all of the families that opted out will also be able to opt back in if they choose to. These are all great benefits and features that so many American families are desperately waiting for.

For the most up-to-date information on all of the new updates, news portals, and Q&A’s I recommend going to under the Child Tax Credit icon.

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