Ginger Grape Juice Recipe

by Sahirenys Pierce
Grape Juice

This grape and ginger juice recipe is one of the smoothest juice recipes I’ve tried. This homemade grape juice is so delicious and sweet that I am now questioning what I’ve been drinking all these years when compared to the store-bought grape juice. Now that I’ve tried homemade grape juice and have added some ginger to it, I honestly don’t think I can go back. 

Your Not So Ginger Shot

Now you know I hate with a passion the taste and experience of ginger shots. I am on a mission to get the amazing health benefits of ginger shots in a tasty juice that my whole family can enjoy. I hate ginger shots. So, once tasting this amazingly sweet homemade grape juice I had the grand idea of adding ginger to it. To my surprise, I can smell it but barely if at all taste it. This kind of threw me off because it makes you think that the juice is going to taste like ginger, but it doesn’t. My kids drank it and didn’t make a face or even noticed it at all. Instead, they gave me a thumbs up.

Kid-Approved Juice Recipe

Hey, when your kids give you a thumbs up and your husband goes down two flights of stairs to compliment the juice. That is when you know you have a blog-worthy juice to share with all of you. Now, I will say taking all of the grapes off the vines is a bit of work. If you have little ones at home, put them to work by helping you pull all the grapes off the vines to speed things up.

So let me share this amazing grape ginger juice recipe.


  • 1 lb of black seedless grapes
  • 1 inch of ginger

Ginger Grape Juice Recipe

  1. Pick off all the grapes from the vines and wash all of the ingredients thoroughly.
  2. Add all of the ingredients into a juicer. 

*If the juice is too sweet, you can add some water to mellow it out a bit. This is definitely a concentrated juice.

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