Beet the Odds: Beet Juice Recipe

by Sahirenys Pierce
Beet The Odds Juice

In the Dominican culture, beets are popular in many cuisines like Ensalada Russia. So when I found out about Beet juice I was extremely excited because I knew it had a lot of health benefits. For some reason, beets aren’t a popular food in America and it’s considered nasty or bitter. It’s quite the opposite, it’s delicious on its own and even better in juices. One thing I want to make clear is that the beets are sweet and actually make any juice tasty and very red.

As a mom, making this beet juice with my daughter is now my fondest memory. It’s so adorable how shocked she is when the beets tint her hands. She shows me her hands like eww yucky. I love it and honestly, this is my favorite fresh fruit recipe. I do want to state that this is a “Kid Approved” juice, but it does cause extreme energy so please be cautious. Also, don’t be scared if your pee comes out a little pink, I asked our doctor and she said it’s completely normal. 

Health Benefits

Beets actually have a lot of hidden health benefits that many Americans are missing out on. Since my son does have a heart condition, blood flow is a very important health benefit we care about. He currently takes Aspirin every day to make sure his blood stays thin to reduce the chance of blood clots. Providing him with healthy juices to help his body function smoothly is such a relief as a mother.

Here are a few other health benefits that caught my attention:

  • Boosts stamina, which increases energy
  • Prevents against anemia and iron deficiency
  • Improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure

Juicing Tips

The biggest tip I would recommend when juicing beets is to wear gloves if you’re using the red beets. This way your hands don’t turn super red while holding the beets. After that, I recommend buying the unpeeled beet with the leaves still attached. My husband and I have noticed that those beets are usually more budget-friendly since you have to cut the sprouted leaves off. The beets that are pre-cut or pre-peeled are usually more expensive. This is probably the most expensive of the juice recipes due to the beets. I would recommend to either buy one very large beet, 2 medium-large beets or 3 medium-small beets for this recipe. 

Beet the Odds Beet Juice Recipe


  • 3 Beets (Medium)
  • 4 Apples
  • 2 Oranges


  1. Clean and peel the beets and oranges.
  2. Cut all the ingredients into bite-size pieces to fit into your juicer.
  3. Start by juicing the oranges and apples first.
  4. Then juice the beets to make sure you un-clog any pulp from the juicer.
  5. Use a funnel to pour juice into glass containers and freeze if you won’t consume within 1-3 days.

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