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How to use His & Her Play Money to find financial autonomy when married with joint bank accounts

Who doesn’t love His&Her Play Money?🤑🤑

One of the ways that we find financial autonomy in our lifestyle checking account is to have our own play money.

Since we can use the funds “no questions asked”. I’ve been able to get my husband surprise gifts without him guessing what I got him. 🎁 He see’s the store, but always thinks I got myself something. 😆

I’ve been able to buy clothes, make-up, Starbucks, or whatever I want with no arguments about our budget. 💁🏽‍♀️

Plus with our kid’s playing money, they can practice some decision-making as well. It’s a learning experience. 🥹❤️

We all need some spending money and having our play money is one way we give each other that freedom and autonomy.

How do you find financial autonomy in your finances when married with kids? x