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How to STOP pulling your Savings

Inflation and uncertainty in the market are two big factors affecting a lot of people’s savings right now. This question isn’t about that. But about an ongoing struggle of pulling your savings in order to help you to stop spending your money. 


Not having an emergency fund or not being able to save for things you want is not the goal. Having the ongoing temptation of not being able to hold a dollar without spending it. That is a difficult place to be and easy to get to. 


You can watch multiple videos and read countless articles on hacks to save money. But like I said, if you already know the trick then you’ll just undo the hack to get to your savings. I know they always say don’t mix your emotions with your finances. But that’s the exact reason why so many of us struggle with our finances. 


We try to ignore our feelings instead of working through them. So if you want to stop pulling your savings. Start with how you feel about your finances. You have to dig deeper into not just why you are saving, but also into why you are spending. Finding your emotional spending trigger is a vital way to help you stop pulling your savings. 


But how about you? Are you tempted to spend your savings?