Can My Finances Survive COVID? Economic Shutdown, Drained Emergency Fund, Unemployment Benefits.

by Sahirenys Pierce

In this video, I go over how to handle one follower’s tough question regarding their financial situation. This pandemic has left them with a drained emergency fund savings and in need of the extra $600 unemployment benefit. With everything still in the air, I want to offer some practical advice on what I would do in your shoes.

  1. Get an SOP for your finances
  2. Communicate with whoever you owe money to
  3. Seek new government or state programs
  4. Talk to family members for help
  5. Apply for jobs and invest in yourself
  6. Self Reflect 

I know it’s difficult to imagine yourself going through this pandemic and not seeing a clear end date. We are all here with you trying to make the best of the difficult financial, health, and emotionally draining pandemic. Stay strong and seek connections that inspire you to keep pushing forward in all aspects of life, not just financial.


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