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Toxic Positivity: Why is it Harmful to Your Finances

I believe that being positive is a must when on your financial journey. If you are not hyped about your destination and all your progress, then who will? 


But some take this positivity and go overboard. If you’re refusing to be realistic, learn, fail, and better your financial future because of fear. Then you might be accidentally disguising that positivity as toxic positivity. 


We avoid conversations about life insurance, saving an emergency fund, and investing for retirement all the time. It’s so common to not see a need for these services, especially if your financial plan goes perfectly to plan. But that’s not reality, life happens. Instead of ignoring this, I focus on prioritizing my finances and lifestyle. I don’t look at this as being negative but as a form of self-love. 


You tell me though, do you think being overly optimistic is toxic to your financial growth?