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The Method We Used to Pay off Over $99k in Debt

When it comes to paying off debt are you team snowball or avalanche method? Being in debt sucks! It takes up such a big chunk of your budget without you even noticing it. The credit cards, car payments, student loans, personal loans, or even family loans. It all adds up too quickly!

Instead of just letting it be “what it is”, I’m doing something about it and cutting it out! I’m not interested in increasing my stress, financial obligations, or increasing my cost of living. We have to stop the bleeding somehow!

For me, a vital step was picking a strategy that motivated me and allowed me to pay off my debt in a realistic way. I discovered the snowball method and loved it. Instead of beating myself up about my debt, I focused on the smallest debt first. Knocking it out just makes you feel like you can do anything! Paying off your debt isn’t easy, don’t assume it to be, and pick a plan that excites you! I’m telling you, lowering your monthly requirements is where it’s at.