How I Use the Flipp App to Save Money on Groceries

by Sahirenys Pierce

What’s the Flipp app?

So, you might have seen me talking about the Flipp app on insta stories or in my meal prep burnout blog. This app has a ton of features to help you find the latest grocery Ads, shopping deals, and even coupons. It has a long list of stores from grocery stores like Aldi to clothing stores like Kohls, and even electronic stores like Best Buy. You’re able to see what you want to buy based on the sales and make a shopping plan. This app has helped my family stick to your desired spending budget when it comes to our food, but the savings don’t have to stop there.

How I discovered it…I didn’t

I’ve been getting some awesome feedback on how the Flipp app has helped them save money by seeing what’s on sale. The funniest part is that the ladies love it so much that they’re recommending their significant other to check it out. The truth is that I was actually recommended to look into the Flipp app by my husband. We’re a team and he knows I needed a little help figuring out what’s on sale quickly since I’m super busy with the kids. This app has helped me save not just money, but time as well.

My weekly routine is to check the Flipp app every Wednesday when deals come out for double Ad day. And then create a meal plan based on the best sales and coupons if available. Just getting in the routine of checking this app has motivated me to take advantage of the sales and create a meal plan. This is probably one of the hardest parts of getting on top of your food consumption and spending. With this app, it has been a breeze to get organized and motivated to save time and money. And as a mom, we all know that anything that can save us time and money is golden.

Saving Money on groceries

This app has made searching for deals so much easier and right from my phone.

Alright, so if this app is so amazing how does it save me money? The Flipp app has many features that you can use to help you save money. For me, I first check out the Ads to all of my favorite grocery stores to see what’s on sale. From there I click on the items I like and “Clip-it”. Then I create a meal plan based on what’s on sale to maximize my food budget. This has been my routine for a few years now and I’m pretty happy with it. I don’t have to guess what’s on sale or do through a bunch of Ads in the mail. This app has made searching for deals so much easier and right from my phone. So here is more information on the best features on the Flipp app.

Browse (All the Ads)

This is probably the meat of the app where you can see all the stores that have their Ads on the app. You’re able to explore stores in your neighborhood, see the latest deals, and view Ads by category. They have Ads for groceries, home & garden, pharmacy, electronics, baby & kids, automotive, sporting goods, pets, office and much more. You’re also able to save your favorite stores so they pop up to the top of the list when on the app. I mainly use the app for grocery stores like the Sprouts farmers market and for baby necessities from the closest pharmacy or Target.

Shopping List/Clippings

So for the shopping list, this allows you to find all the deals on the items you regularly buy like apples and potatoes for example. Then you can filter the stores you like and sort from lowest to highest prices, aka our favorite filter. This feature is great because it reminds you while your browsing that you need to buy eggs or cheese. This is the last place I go to when I’m done browsing the Ads and I’ll explain why.

While you’re browsing the Ads you’re able to click the Ad and Clip the deals you want. Once you’re done looking around you could easily forget what the deals were and what you wanted to get. So you can review all the clippings in the Shopping List section. This makes it super easy to see what you want to buy, what coupons are available, and from what stores.


Alright, so you saw that I mentioned coupons! Yes, this app can show you the instore coupons available and promotions. They don’t show manufacture coupons, but I wouldn’t be shocked when they do. Knowing that the store is offering a coupon on top of a sale is a big time and money saver when shopping around. If I see that Target has a promotion going on I will add it to my Target Wallet. These are small techniques I use to get the best deals on items that I need.


Now, this is the section that even I need to take more advantage of. The deals section sums up all of the best deals from all of the stores all in one place. If you’re running dry on meal prep ideas, check out what hot deals are in that week. It is a great way to maximize your savings and bargain hunt when it comes to all of the categories. So if you looking for a good deal on groceries, electronics, clothes or baby items this is your go-to section of the Flipp app.

Other ways to save with Flipp

As I mentioned, I personally use the Flipp app specifically to view all my favorite grocery store Ads. I do this to find the best deals and to create a meal plan that includes foods that are on sale and in season. But this app doesn’t stop at just grocery store Ads. You can view Ads and deals from all kinds of stores plus get instore coupons. This app is the best thing out if you don’t have time to search the internet or your mail for the latest Ads. I hope you enjoy this app as much as my finances have. I wish you the best Ad hunting my savvy Poised family.

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