Coronavirus & Recession Scare: 2 Minute Q&A Tuesday

by Sahirenys Pierce

COVID-19 and Recession: 2 Minute Q&A Tuesday

I know a lot of us are concerned and even scared about the Coronavirus outbreak around the world. Not to mention the impact it’s having on our economy and the scare of a recession.

I am here to calm your nerves and walk you through all the financial questions you’ve been asking about:

  • Student Loan Debt 
  • Investing in the Market 
  • Bear Market
  • Recession
  • Buying a Home 
  • Using Cash

I know that the news is going into a lot of detail over these topics and that they might seem a little scary and confusing. I want to thank everyone for speaking up and asking the hard questions that need to be brought to light around these times.

Let me know what you’re thoughts are on the COVID-19 and the talks about a recession. Also what you’re doing with your extra money around these times?

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