Bulk Buying Haul to Save Money on the Necessities – 2 Minute Q&A Tuesday

by Sahirenys Pierce

In this 2 Minute Q&A Tuesday, we are going over Bulk Buying for your necessities. This has been one of the 4 Game-Changing financial strategies that helped us get better with money. I share the top reasons my family started bulk buying, which was for my Target addiction and the difficulties of being a new mom. We also go over:

What we buy in bulk
What stores we go to
How to get started
Quantity control
Short-Term Goals Account

Lastly, due to the worldwide health situation, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from bulk buying. We didn’t have to go out shopping or fight grandmothers for toilet paper since we already had these necessities at home. It’s been a big blessing and I highly recommend looking into stocking up slowly on your home essentials.

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